Frank and Anna Zeman
Anna Zeman below
Frank and Anna Zbytovsky Zeman and family. I have not been able to identify everyone in the photo, but I believe
they are as follows: Left to Right: Arnold, Frank (Sr), Frank (Jr), John, Anna (mother), Anna (daughter) and the two
small boys Edward and William. Please let me know if I am incorrect--thanks. Photo is the property of Emily Pippin.
The Children of Frank and Anna
Anna and Martha
Henry Zeman
William Zeman
Louis and Dorothy Zeman
and daughters
Audrey and Elaine
Alfred and Hazel Zeman
William Zeman with niece, Audrey
Henry (standing),  Martha and Alfred
Zeman (baby)
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"I would like to thank the Alfred
Zeman family for allowing me to
display their Zeman Family photos on
this page."
Children: L to R: Victor,
Janice and Sylvia
If anyone can help me identify any of the Zeman's in this photo,
contact me.
I believe it was taken in the Waconia, Minnesota area around 1918.