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Betlach, Betlack, Betlock, Betloch AND now even Bettlach
"No matter how you spell it, it's all relative"!
Czech and German metonymic, occupational name for a weaver or
seller of bedsheets, from Middle High German,
bett(e) 'bed' + Middle Dutch.
Middle Low German, '
laken' or piece of woven material,
which transfers into Middle High German, '
Lahken', 'Lachen',
or Modern German, 'Laken'.
Czech status name for a yeoman farmer or small landowner.
Czech, '
zeman', a derivative of zem "land".
A member of the lowest nobility with a Coat of Arms.
One of the most common Czech surnames.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press ISBN 0-19-508137-4
Map of where Betlach Families lived in the 1880's and the 1920's
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Louis, Madeline,
Robert, Rudolph and Patricia Betlach
Taken in 1956, West Shore Resort  
Onamia, Minnesota
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Map of where Zeman Families lived in the 1880's and the 1920's
Thank you to Louise's Lodge for
this great graphic.
Here is a very interesting website: Gendisasters.com
On this site are newspaper articles from every state in the United States regarding
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Train Wrecks, Hurricanes, Explosions etc.
"Events that touched our ancestors lives"--Gendisasters.com

The site also needs volunteers to help transcribe old newspaper articles.
If you have a word processing program and can help get these valuable
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For more information and to help add to this collection please visit their site.
Click photo at left to see a map of
the location of Betlach Mountain.

Betlach Mountain was named after
the Mayor/Magistrate of the
area. The date is unknown but
I believe his name was
John Betlach.

If the image is too small to view,
pause your mouse on the image
and when the arrows or + sign
appears click it to enlarge.
Click document to view the
marriage contract of
Vaclav and Lidmilla Vlcek Betlach
Czech Republic
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Patty Betlach Russell

November 16, 2020
I would like to ask for help with the Gainey Family from Winona, MN. I have reason to believe
there was a connection with them to my cousin James Betlach. Please contact me if you
know or knew the Gainey Family!!  ~Thank you

September 16, 2020
I have added many, many death record documents to the Marble Family Vital Records Page.

I have added records for Franz Betlach who was held at Auschwitz and Buchenwald until the camp
liberation in April 1945. His wife was Josefa and I know that he had at least 2 children. I would like to
learn how he is connected to my Betlach family lines. I am also researching the BETTLACH family.

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