This photograph is owned by Frances Spagnoletti. The tall man in the center back is
Alois Dusek  and the woman in front of him with the white blouse and black collar
is his wife Anna Betlach. If you have any information on anyone in the photograph
or to see a larger copy,  please contact
Frances Spagnoletti.

"Thank you Frances, for allowing me to display this photo here."
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Alois and Anna Betlach Dusek and their
children Alois and Anna.
"Thank you Frances for allowing me to
display this photo here. "

Please contact
Frances Spagnoletti if you
have any information about the Dusek
I have a large number of Paulson family photos. My
grandfather, Rudolph Betlach married Bertha Paulson,
daughter of Simon Paulson.
Photograph]   [Photograph]
After their marriage they lived in Anoka, Minnesota
Some of Betha's siblings were Peter, Henry, Ella,
Bertha was born in Big Stone, South Dakota; also if
you know anything
about a son she may have had
contact me.
This is a photograph of my uncle, Charles Wytiska (Vytiska). It was sent to
me by William Bejda of Illinois, and was probably taken somewhere in
Illinois. The boy in the photograph is unknown. Charles married my aunt,
Helen Betlach (of Minnesota) and they lived  in Chicago (Cicero) and worked
at  Cafe Bohemia, also known as Little Bohemia Restaurant (Cafe) on Loomis
Street back in the 1920-1930's. I am very interested in finding out more
information on their life in Chicago while they worked at Little Bohemia.
Charles and Helen also worked at the Golden Strand Hotel in Florida, the
Riverside Hotel and Harrah's in Reno, and  Harrah's Club at Lake Tahoe,
Nevada. I am also interested in any information about them at that time. If
you can identify the child in this photo or know anything about my uncle
or aunt please
contact me.

There is also a family mystery surrounding Charles, Helen and William
Bejda's uncle, John Bejda who was a first cousin to Charles. John died in
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin in 1931 while on a supposed hunting trip with
Charles; the cause of death was listed as a  suicide but some of the details
surrounding his death suggest otherwise. We feel and some information
suggests that there was a possible connection to the Little Bohemia
restaurant in Chicago and John's passing.

Our family would be most greatful for any information concerning John's
This is Charles with Red Skelton and Red's wife in the 1960's when Charles worked at Harrah's Club at
Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
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The woman in the middle is Margaret O'Keefe Betlach, first wife of
my uncle, George Betlach. I do not know who the other two women
are, although the photo is captioned "Joe, Marge and Lil" in my
uncle's photo album.  Margaret was born and raised in Chicago,
Illinois and was the daughter of Frank and Nellie Hanrahan O'Keefe. If
anyone can identify the ladies with Margaret in this photo or if  you  
have have any information about Margaret or her family or her
marriage to my uncle, please
contact me.
This is a photograph of some Zeman's from the Waconia area in 1918. If you can help
identify anyone in the photo please
contact me. Click photo to enlarge. Thank you to the
Alfred Zeman family for sharing this photo.
More Zeman photos can be found
William Zeman ??
Alfred Zeman??
I believe this is the Matuska Family, of Jackson, Minnesota.
!!HELP!! is greatly needed to identify these people.
I have tried to identify some of them:
I believe the older lady in the middle, front is Mary Basak Matuska Bezdicek
and I believe the little boy who's hand she is holding is my dad,
Louis G. Betlach, son of Rudolph E. and Mary Matuska Betlach.

I think some of the other people are as follows:
Man in the very back row, standing middle:  Rudolph E. Betlach,
next row down, first lady on left is Agnes Matuska Skalicky and next to her: Mary Matuska Betlach, (they were sisters).
I think the little boy in front on the left holding his hat may be  Joseph Louis Betlach, son of Rudolph and Mary Matuska Betlach
and the little girl second from the right: Helen Betlach Wytiska, daughter of Rudolph and Mary Matuska Betlach.
The man seated on the ground, far left: Joseph J. Pribyl.
Lady directly behind Mary Basak Matuska Bezdicek may be Laura Betlach Pribyl.

If anyone can identify anyone in this photo or if you know that I have mis-identified anyone,
PLEASE, contact me.
If in fact the little boy is my dad,
I would guess the photo to have been taken about 1914.
Click photo to enlarge
Click photo to enlarge
Please see the names associated with this photo on the
Matuska Family Photo Page.
Many thanks to
Robert J. Matuska, Teresa and Frances Macek
and Joe Betlach for their help in identifying
the people in this photo!!
Mystery Solved!!
Part of the mystery
of this photo has been solved.

Kathie Dunn identified
"Lil" in the photo.

Lil is Lillian Bejda (1904-1978),
daughter of
John and Marie Vytiska Bejda