This photo is the same as the one on the Matuska Vital Record
page with the exception of the inset of
Mary Matuska Betlach.
I believe the children are as follows (from oldest to youngest)
Frank, (standing in back) John (seated, middle front), Anna
(far right) and Joseph (the baby on Mary's lap).
It was probably taken prior to their child, Mary's birth which
was in 1888.
Joseph was killed in
a buggy accident in
Jackson (Jackson County) Minnesota.

Mary married Frank Bezdicek after
Joseph's death.
Left to Right
Mary and Anna Matuska
John Matuska
Frank Matuska
Photos of the children
Joseph and Mary Basak Matuska
John and Mary Duda Matuska
and daughter, Albina.
I met Albina in Jackson, Minnesota
in 1998 and she was 92 years old.
She passed away in 2004.
She was a very sweet lady. You
can see her memorial on this page:
In Memory
If anyone has a photo of Joseph Matuska
or any Matuska family photos they could
share, please contact me, I would
appreciate it!
Albina Caroline Matuska.
(She never married)
Lucille Matuska Smith
October 27, 1915--April 25, 2007
Daughter of Joseph and Barbara Kaponis Matuska
Thank you to Bonnie Dretsch for sharing this photo.
The numbers on the photos correspond to
the numbered names on the sheets.

Thank you!!! to Robert J. Matuska, Teresa and Frances
and Joe Betlach  or their help in identifying the following
names in these wonderful photos.

It is still my belief that #4 is Louis G. Betlach,
#15 is Joseph L. Betlach &
#11 is Helen T. Betlach, children of Rudolph and Mary Matuska Betlach
In both numbered copies one person was
inadvertently omitted.
In the first photo the child to the right of #11 and
in the second photo the girl to the right
of #6. I am trying to find out their names.
Photos are
timeless family treasures!
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