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The special people in my family
who served in the military

Each one of these special people in my family, have done their part to keep our homeland safe.

Please remember to Honor the Veterans!
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  Louis Zeman WWI
  George Betlach 1942-1945
  Marie Musegades1943-1945
  Myron Borka, Killed Okinawa
  Myron Borka, Monument
  Myron Borka, Headstone
  Gerald Betlach, Killed
  James Betlach
  Bob Betlach 1956-1960
  Rudy Betlach 1957-1960
  Michael Betlach
  Anthony Betlach
  S.Sgt Benjamin Bezdicek
  Tech Sgt. Stanley Buchanan, Killed in Action
  Gerald W. Betlach 26 years, National Guard
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It is an honor to add to the list of family members who
have served and are serving in the Military

Maggie L. Walstrom

Gabrielle L. Walstrom

Jarod J. Walstrom

Thank you for your love and dedicated service to our great nation.