Above is the 1860 census record for the Joseph and Dorothea Zeman family. It is interesting to note that next door to them
lived a Bartosch family. I wonder if this could be a sibling to Dorothea.
It is also a mystery to me if there was another child born before Frank was born. If you look at the census record, there is a
child, John listed, after Anna and is 2 months old. According to all the records I have seen, Frank was not born until June
1861. Also there is a long period of time between the birth of Joseph and Anna, if anyone knows if there were other children
born in this time period would you please contact me.
Joseph and Dorothea Zeman had the following children:
John    Born  March 25, 1840    Married Julianna Buska
Joseph     Born August 10, 1844    Married Frances Kokesh
Anna    Born July 26, 1858    Married Anton  Zrust
Frank    Born June 12, 1861    Married Anna Zbytovsky

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Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
Julianna was married first to Frank Wolfram.
She had 4 known children from this marriage.They are: August, Frank, Mike and Annie.
If anyone is interested in more information or can share any information on them, please E-mail me.
John and Julianna's Children:
Josephine Mary    Born December 4, 1865    Married John Walsh
Bertha    Born April 20, 1870    Married Andrew Syversen  (Died at age 23)
Maria  Born March 15, 1875  (Died at age 18)
There may also have been a daughter Anne/Annie, born 1861.
I can find no further information for her so have not yet added her to my information.
Holy Trinity Cemetery    Winstead, Minnesota
Bertha Zeman Syverson and Maria (Mary) Zeman  Headstones
Family Group Sheet
Joseph and Frances Kokesh Zeman had these children:
Anna    Born 1871    Married Joseph Kucera
Antonia    Born Octobr 29, 1874    Married John Dvorak
Anton    Born January 12, 1879    Married Emily Hakel
Mary    Born May 25, 1885    Married Frank Picha
Joseph    Born February 15, 1991    Married Ruby Hlavka
Emily    Born May 31, 1897    Married Edward Hlavka
Bohemian Presbyterian Cemetery       Hopkins, Minnesota
Anton Zeman Headstone Photo
Ruby Hlvaka Zeman
Ruby Hlavka Zeman
Mary Zeman Picha
Frank Picha
Family Group Sheet
For further information about Anton and Anna Zeman Zrust
please see the Zrust link on the
Ancestor Charts page.

Anton and Anna Zeman Zrust had these children:
Anthony    Born December 12, 1879    Married Josephine Jelinek
Anna Dorothea    Born February 4, 1884    No further information is known about Anna
Frank George    Born April 13, 1886    Married Christine Slama
Mary    Born October 1890    No further information is known about Mary
Emily    Born June 1893    No further information is known about Mary
Rose    Born 1896    Married Joseph Piker
Anne    Born September 1896    No further information is known about Anne
Olga    Born December 10, 1901    Married Floyd Bren
Anton and
Anna Zeman Zrust
Family Group Sheet
In memory of baby
Anna Zeman
Born and Died May 31, 1883
Some graphic by Andzillasheaven.dk
Anna Zastera Zeman
Anna Zastera Zeman
Dorothy Ploen Zeman
In memory of baby
Henry Zeman
Born August 16, 1896 & Died September 13, 1896
Hazel Bruhn Zeman
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Joseph and Frances Kokesh Zeman
Photo from the collection of Fritz Kokesh
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After Edward's death, Anna married
Frank Husak