~~Betlach Family History
& Vital Records~~
Rudolph Edward Betlach was born January 14, 1882
He was the son of Emil and Theresa Cerhan Betlach.
married Mary Matuska on November 29, 1906.
She was the daughter of Frank and Mary Basak Matuska.
They had four children:

Rudolph and Mary divorced and Mary moved to Chicago, Illinois.
She married several more times. At the time of her death on
June 23, 1967 she was 79 years old and was known as Mae Shipla.
Death Certificate

Rudolph met and married Bertha Paulson, October 20, 1927,
She was born July 2, 1882 and was the daughter of
Simon and Mary Peterson Paulson.
They had no children.

Rudolph was a meat cutter and purchased a butcher shop in
Anoka, Minnesota in 1929 and named it
Betlach's Cash Market.

Rudolph died on December 7, 1972 at the age of 90.
Death Certificate

Bertha died on August 12, 1952 at the age of 70.
Death Certificate
Joseph Louis
was born March 21, 1907.
He married
Alta Christianson on September 2, 1928.
She was the daughter of
Adolph and Ruby Crandall Christianson.
They had one biological child, Ruby.
She was stillborn.
Death Certificate

After Ruby's death, Alta and Joseph adopted
a son,
James Francis Betlach.
He was born April 11, 1932.
He grew to manhood in Alpha, Minnesota and
entered the military.
James died at the age of 20.
Death Certificate

Joseph died on February 5, 1969 at the age of 61
Death Certificate

Alta died on February 14, 1979 at the age of 70
Death Certificate
Helen Theresa
was born January 29, 1909.
She married Charles Wytiska on June 1, 1926.
He was the son of Karel and Mary Vavra Wytiska.
They had no children.

Helen and Charles worked at various restaurants and nightclubs
1. Cafe Bohemia, (AKA:
Little Bohemia in Chicago, Illinois)
2. The Golden Strand Hotel in Florida
3. The Riverside Hotel in Florida
4. Harrah's Clubs in Reno and Lake Tahoe

Charles died on June 29, 1963 at the age of 58
Death Certificate

Helen died on August 15, 1985 at the age of 76
Death Certificate
Louis George
was born September 4, 1911.
He married
Madeline Zeman on May 25, 1938.
She was the daughter of
Arnold and Elizabeth Borka Zeman.
They had 3 children:

Louis was a butcher like his father and also owned a
meat market in Anoka, Minnesota called
Betlach's Meats,
it was located inside Jepson's Market on
the corner of Main and Ferry Streets.

Heath issues forced him to leave the butcher business.
He then
drove school bus for many years for
Coon Rapids, Minnesota Schools.

Louis died on November 4, 1981 at the age of 70
Death Certificate

Madeline died on February 21, 2002 at the age of 84
Death Certificate
George Edward
was born December 13, 1915
married Margaret O'Keefe on November 23, 1939.
She was the daughter of Frank and Nell Hanrahan O'Keefe..
They had no children.
They divorced about 1943.

George married Marie Louise Musegades on October 5, 1947.
She was the daughter of Henry and Charlotte Harries Musegades.
They had no children.

George and Marie were both in the military;
George served in the Navy 1941-1945
aboard the USS New York.
Marie was a Sergeant in the WAAC's 1943-1945

George, Marie, Helen and Charles owned a resort/launch
business on Mille Lacs Lake in Onamia, Minnesota named
The West Shore Resort from 1948-1958.
When they sold, George and Marie purchased land on
the corner of Highways 169 and 27. The opened a
restaurand/gas station on the site and named it:
Betlach's Korner.
They retired and sold the business in the mid 1970's.
Onamia VFW Post 955, now stands on the property.

George died on September 30, 2000 at the age of 84
Death Certificate

Marie died on December 24, 2001 at the age of 85.
Death Certificate
Rudolph owned several houses in Anoka, Minnesota.