Photo Page
(This page also includes Kleven)

Many Thanks
to Bev Herman, Lual Liestiko and Svein for graciously
sharing their Christianson family history and photos.
It is greatly appreciated.
Some of these photos are from their collection
I take no credit for the research of this family.

If anyone has any photos they'd be willing to share,
contact me.
Lars Christiansen
Father of Carl L. Christiansen
Carl L. Christianson
Husband of Anna Kleven
From Left to Right:
Gunder & Anna Christianson Homme
Adolph & Wife
Nelsine Johnson (Adolph's cousin)
Joseph & Alta Christianson Betlach
Alta was the daughter of Adolph
Anna Kittilsdatter
Anna married Nils Anderson Kleven
She was the mother of Anna Kleven Christianson


Article about his tragic death
from the manuscript of Jon Hvitsand
"Soga Om Horteverket"
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Joseph, Alta and James Betlach
Left to Right
Alta, Raymond and Adelaide
Kleven Family