Zbytovsky Vital Records
Frances Zbytovsky
was born, according to her baptism record,
on January 30, 1865.
She was the youngest daughter of
Joseph and Antonia Dolezal Zbytovsky.

When she was a small child, somewhere between the age of
two and five, Frances lost her hearing and the ability to speak.
She became out of touch with her surroundings and
was at times more than her parents could handle.
Her father, Joseph was not well and I am sure
most of the burden of Frances' care fell on Antonia.
Frances often became violent and noisy, throwing chairs
and other things.


Joseph died in 1883, leaving Antonia to care for Frances by herself.
I'm sure the other children helped when they could but most of them
were married and had families of their own by this time.


In September 1889, Antonia admitted Frances to the
School for the Feeble Minded at Faribault, Minnesota.

According to her admittance papers, she had dark hair,
brown eyes, and was very small for her age.
She was excitable and irritable, could read, write,
count and knew forms but not colors. They list her
mental age as 2 years old and was in fairly good health.
If she didn't get her way she would turn on members
of her family with violent outbursts and temper tantrums.

She was enumerated with the hosptial on the
1900 Census

On June 18, 1918 she was transferred to
St. Peter State Hospital in St. Peter, Minnesota
Her admittance paper claimed her age to be 48*,
weight: 82.5 pounds, 4 ft. 9 inches tall.
It does not list the reason she was transferred
to St. Peter from Faribault.

Frances lived the rest of her life at St. Peter Hospital.
She died on March 27, 1942 and is buried in the
hospital cemetery. I visited the cemetery on July 3, 2001.
It is at the top of a hill at the back of the hosptial. Most of the
graves there have simple headstones marked with the
grave number. Frances' reads #1518. It is a peaceful
setting among many trees and the caretaker told me that
often times deer are seen roaming through the area.

There is an update to the cemetery information:
On June 13, 2003 Kare 11 News had a story about the
headstones at the State Hospitals in Minnesota being replaced.

A transcript of the story reads:
"It took more than a century, but the State of Minnesota
is making amends for the past. A ceremony was held
this evening in an old cemetery at the St. Peter Regional
Treatment Center. Nearly 2000 graves of former residents
once marked with only numbers--are now getting headstones
with names. Former resident Roger Filzen was among those
attending. Roger is happy to know they're going to have names
instead of numbers. He can come out and find some of his
friends out here. "-Yeah, everyone deserves to have a name on them."
There were an estimated 10 thousand graves with no names at
Minnesota State Hosptials. A quarter of them have now been
marked, with funds being sought to complete the job."
Story copyright
Kare11 News.


*There are several discrepancies about Frances' age on the admittance papers.

Faribault admittance papers have her year of birth
as 1870 but her age in 1889 as 31.
Her actual birth year was 1865, so she would
have been 24 in 1889.
St. Peter admittance papers have her age at admittance
as being 48 years old in 1918, she would have been 53.
Her death certificate has an incorrect date as well.
They list her as being 72 years old, when in fact she
was 77.
Josephine was born February 20, 1853.
She married Joseph Krusina.
Joseph was the son of
Joseph & Theresia Ceska Krusina.
They had four children:

Joseph died March 25, 1932
Josephine died February 9, 1909
Joseph was born January 28, 1856.
I can find no record that Joseph ever married.

On May 24, 1887 he was admitted to
St. Peter State Hospital.
On January 20, 1904 he was transferred
Hastings State Hospital; his admittance papers
say he was suffering from a congenital defect.

He remained in the hospital for the rest of his life,
and is buried in the hospital cemetery.

Joseph died October 20, 1920
John was born November 27, 1857.
He married Mary Marsh on June 2, 1885.
Mary was the daughter of
Francis & Anna Bily Mares.
They had ten children:

John died January 23, 1928
Mary died June 15, 1939
Anna was born April 13, 1862..
She married Frank Zeman on January 1, 1882.
Frank was the son of
Joseph & Dorothea Berlash Zeman..
They had twleve children:

Frank died May 29, 1909
Anna died July 2, 1941
Krusina headstone photos from the
collection of Emily Pippin.
All other photos are from my collection
Joseph and Antonia Dolezal Zbytovsky were married in 1850/1851.
Antonia was the daughter of Thomas and Mariana Horvas Dolezal.

Joseph, Antonia and their children immigrated to the United States
on June 15, 1875.

Their children:
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See Frances' Findagrave.com
page for photo of her
new headstone.
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A beautiful book was published in early summer 2010 with the Zbytovsky Family Genealogy.
It was researched and compiled by Emily Pippen.
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