Zbytovsky Family Photo Page
The Joseph Krusina Family
Left to Right:
Josephine (Zbytovsky) Krusina, Anna, Antonia Dolezal Zbytovsky (Josephine's
Mother), Emily (Emma), Frank and Joseph Krusina.
Taken 1895-1896
Gustave and Anna Krusina Falk
September 29, 1910
William and Emma Krusina Eggers
June 12, 1912
These first photos are the children of Joseph and Antonia Dolezal Zbytovsky
Left to Right:
Anna, John, Josephine
#2 and #3
(woman's name unknown; if anyone can identify her, please
contact me)
John and Mary Marsh Zbytovsky
Wedding June 2,1895
Left to Right
(Back): Martha Zeman (Anna's daughter), Anna Zbytovsky Zeman,
Emma Krusina Eggers.
(Front): Mary Marsh Zbytovsky, Anna Zastera Zeman (Mrs. Edward)
Anna Krusina Falk
These photographs are from the collection
of Emily Person Pippin.
The photo of Frances Zbytovsky is from my collection.
Thank you!! to Lynn Mott, for sharing this wedding photo.