Litera Family Vital Records
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Francis (John) Litera and Mary Schimon (her name was also seen as Sobatka) Litera
were the parents of 9* known children. Shortly after being delivered of her last child,
Mary developed a
serious infection that had been transferred to her probably
by a careless midwife. She died when her baby was about a month old.
Francis and Mary's daughter, Jenny cared for the baby, named George
until his death when he was about 2 months of age.
It is believed that he is buried with his mother. They were initally buried
at Layman's Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota but were
re-interred at Hillside Cemetery.

*(There may have been 12 children, but I can find no record of the other 3 births)
Francis (John) and Mary's children:

1. Jenny Litera Betlach Wittliff
Death Certificate       Obituary

Jenny married
1. Frank Betlach  
Marriage Certificate
2. John Wittliff

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Jenny and Frank Betlach
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John Wittliff
Death Certificate          Obituary

John and Jenny had one daughter
Geneva. She married Lee Worth Cameron
June 9, 1914 in Little Falls (Morrison County) Minnesota

Death Certificate   Obituary

Lee Worth
Death Certificate

Mary Schimon Litera
Death Certificate
Francis (John) Litera
Death Certificate
2. Mary Adeline
Death Certificate
She married Julius Gardner

Death Certificate

They had one child
Death Certificate    Obituary
Herbert married Matilda Chimzar
Death Certificate
5. Anna married George Fisher
Death Certificate

Death Certificate     Obituary

They had two sons
George Lee Fisher
Death Certificate    Obituary
George married Karleen Fawcett

Alvan Miles Fisher
Born August 14, 1897 Minnesota
Died January 24, 1953 in San Diego, California
He is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Find a Grave Memorial
I have no further information
3. Rose
Born about 1865
She married a man with the last name of either
Post or Port.
I have no further information on Rose or her family.
4. Julia
She married Albert Myron Sharpsteen.

I do not know if they had any children.

Death Certificate

Albert Myron
Death Certificate    Obituary
6. Caroline Ruth
(For a period of time, she went by the her middle name)
married first William Parkinson on
March 14, 1894 in Chicago, Illinois
On the marriage certificate, she goes by the name
Ruth Williams. If anyone knows why she went by this name,
contact me!

They have three children:
Rowland born: May 28, 1896
and Twins:
Alvi  born: April 29, 1897  died: July 17, 1897
Allen  born: April 29, 1897  died: July 17, 1897

Caroline next married Miles Heywood Fisher,
son of Alvan and Julia Heywood Fisher.

Death Certificate

Miles 1861--1930
Death Certificate

They had three children:
Miles Heywood, Jr 1906-1909
Alice Julia 1907-1983
Helen Mary 1910-1975
Death Certificate
Helen married George Masterton
Death Certificate
Obituary page 1
Obituary page 2
7. Mina
Nothing more is known of this child except
that she may have been adopted after
the death of her mother.

8. George
George was the last child born to Frank and Mary.
He only lived about two months.

It is said that he is buried in the same grave as his mother.
They were initially buried at Layman's Cemetery
(now known as
Pioneer & Soldier's Memorial Cemetery)
but were re-interred at
Hillside Cemetery
I must apologize as I have forgotten where I found this background
and I do not know who to give credit to for creating it.
If it is your work please e-mail me and I will see to it that a
credit link is placed on this page.
John, Mary & Jenny
9. Francis William
Francis Married Anna Foss in
1904; she died 4 years later.
Francis then married Ovidia Hammer and they had 4 children:
Death Certificate
Death Certificate
and a Baby Boy who was stillborn
Death Certificate

Francis changed the spelling of his last name to LaTerre/La Terre

I have confirmed that John married a second time
after the death of his wife, Mary Schimon Litera.
On February 23, 1887, John married
Mary Anne Cory
Marriage License     Marriage License part 2

Things did not go well for Mary Cory Litera during the
marriage. In March 1888 Mary brought charges of
cruel and inhuman treatment against John.
After learning she was pregnant, serious circumstances
arose which led her to fear for her life and she moved out.
In April 1888 the case was again brought before the judge
and asked her
maiden name be restored.

She was
granted a divorce in May of 1888
NOTE: John married a second time;
please see the information at the
bottom of the page.