Vital Records

Joachim Kusserow married Regina Jaengers, she was the
daughter of Peter and Regien Pantens Jaengers.

Birth and Death dates and locations are unknown for both.
They had 8 children.
Anna, Christian, Jochen, Peter, Regien,
Maria, Jacob, Marcus/Marx

I am still researching all the children, and will add
more information as I find it.

Joachim and Regina Jaengers
Descendant Chart
(This is a brief descendant chart, showing only
their children)  

In early records, the surname is spelled Cusserow

I have no information other than birth dates for
Anna, Christian, Jochen, Peter, Regien, and Maria.
The first child that I have information for is Jacob.
He was born April 18, 1802 and died May 13, 1802
in Malchow, Schlawe, Pommern, Prussia

Marcus/Marx Kusserow
Born: June 8, 1803
Christening: June 12, 1803, Malchow, Schlawe, Pommern, Prussia
Death date is unknown.
He married Anna Brun
Birth and Death dates are unknown

They had two children: Ernst and Caroline
Ernst (Also spelled Ernest)
Born: February 2, 1839, Pommerania
Died: February 3, 1915 Dahlgren (Carver) Mn
Married Sophia Louise Dresow

Death Certificate

Findagrave Memorial
Sophia Louise Dresow
Born: January 3, 1838, Pommerania
Died: January 1, 1912 Dahlgren (Carver) Mn
Daughter of Daniel and Anna Schultz Dresow

Death Certificate

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There was a child born I have no information for.
Otto Frederick Kusserow
Born: November 1867, Pommerania
Died: August 5, 1935, Chaska (Carver) Mn
Married Bertha Remus
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Bertha  Death Certificate
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Carl Frederick Kusserow
Born: September 3, 1871, Pommerania
Died: March 25, 1945, Carver(Carver) Mn
Married Pauline Gramith
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Mina Sophia Kusserow
Born: May 18, 1874, Dahlgren Twp (Carver) Mn
Died January 13, 1961, Carver (Carver) Mn
Married Diedrich H. Lenzen
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Ernst Fredrick Kusserow
Born: May 18, 1874, Dahlgren (Carver) Mn
No further information is known
Bertha Adoline Kusserow
Born: March 1, 1876, Dahlgren (Carver) Mn
Died: July 15, 1948, Glencoe (Sibley) Mn
Married: William Baumgart
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Albert Ernst Kusserow
Born: May 24, 1878, Dahlgren (Carver) Mn
Died: June 11, 1880
Ernst and Sophia had seven children
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