In the village of Nitzelbuch, Bavaria                                    
both Georg Kugler and Barbara
Rupprecht were born and raised.
Georg was born about 1762 and
Barbara was born about 1766.
They married and continued to live
in the village and raise their family.
Nitzelbuch was predominetly a
Catholic Village during this time
and the main occupation was

October 11, 1788 a son, Georg was
born to them. He grew to manhood
and took as his wife, Anna Vogel.
They married February 5, 1810 at
St. John the Baptist Church in
Auerbach, District of Oberpfalz.
Anna was the daughter of Johannes
and Maria Anna Fick Vogel, from
the nearby village of Welluck. Two
sons were born to them:
John (1820/21) and Georg (1826)

From records available and from family histories I have read,
Georg and his brother John were the only two children to
immigrate to the United States.
I have found what I believe may be information
regarding John's
immigration date.
I have no positive proof of this except to say family histories
suggest that John came in about 1846 at about the age of 24.
I have no date or any idea if Georg came with him or if he
came at a later or earlier date.

On September 10, 1850, Georg Kugler, age 24, married Maria Thekla Ritter, age 18.
Maria, who most often went by the name Thekla, was born February 1832.

Georg and Thekla had 14 biological children and one adopted daughter:

1.  Maxmillian
2.  Joseph
3.  John
4.  Mathus
5.  Cresentia
6.  Mary Cresentia
7.  Marta
8.  George John
9.  Mathilda
10. Frank  
11. Frank
12. Anna
13. Edward                                        
15. Elizabeth
16. and an adopted daugther, Germane
In 1860, Abraham Ritter, father of Thekla, was already living in Waconia (Carver County)
Maria and their daughter, Cresentia were still living with Georg and Thekla in
St. Mary's, Elk County, Pennsylvania.

Census 1860 Hollywood Township. Carver County, Minnesota  
Abraham Ritter   
(spelled Rytter on the census record)           

Abraham served in the 4th Minnesota Infantry,
Company E as a Private during the Civil War.
Photos from the private
collection of Brenda Conzet.

Civil War Monument
Waconia, Minnesota

Headstone, St. Joseph's Cemetery

"Thank you, Brenda"
In 1864, George sold his land in Pennsylvania to his brother John
and with his family and mother-in-law, Maria Ritter, they moved west to Minnesota
and settled in Waconia. It wasn't long before George established himself
as a very integral part of the community, building and running the first lumber yard
in the history of Waconia. He held many public offices, Postmaster, County
Commissioner, Councilman, Assessor and President of the Board for
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, for which he help lay the cornerstone in 1902.

George died on October 18, 1910

Maria Thekla preceeded him to the grave, November 9, 1901

They are buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery; Waconia, Minnesota
Joseph Henry
born February 29, 1888
died February 14, 1972
He married Mary Magdelene Schmitt
They had 5 children:
Joseph, Lawrence, Loretta, Raymond & Bernadette
4. Matthew Kugler
born January 7, 1857
died February 13, 1942
He married Mary Theresa Mueller
February 26, 1889
They had 6 children:
8. George
born February 24, 1864
died October 2, 1942
Joined the Jesuit Order and he
spent most of his life serving the Indian Missions.
He was also Superintendent of St. Regis Mission
Kettle Falls, Washington
11. Frank
born July 28, 1871
He married Mary Steinhagen
They had 4 children,

John (1895-1974)
Married Christina Heck in 1920

Gertrude  (died 1969)
Married Mr. Temple


12. Anna Kugler
born August 25, 1873
died July 10, 1960

She became Sister Basilia of the
Order of the Franciscan Sister.
From 1932-1947 she was
Provincial Sister of the order.
13. Edward Kugler
born March 14, 1876
died September 14, 1905
He married Mary Gransom
September 11, 1900
They had 2 children,
Mary married Joseph Korman after Edward's death.
15. Elizabeth Kugler
born February 12, 1880
died July 24, 1981
She married Peter Mihm
November 27, 1906
Elizabeth and Peter had three children:
16. Germane
Adopted daughter of Georg and Thekla
Became a Nun.
1. John (Photo) married his first wife, Catherine Schober on October 19, 1846.
Catherine died July 4, 1861. Ten children were born to John & Catherine:

Francisca  (about 1844-1863)
Barbara (born about 1846
Johannes (1849-1851)
Barbara (1850-?)
George (1851-?)  
Photo George & wife
Kunigunda (1853-?)
Catherine (1855-?)
Magdalene (1856-?)
Margaret (1858-?)
Anna (no information)
If anyone has any information about the births of Francisca
(born about 1844 and Barbara born 1846), please
e-mail me.
I was wondering if they were actually born before John and Catherine's marriage.
Thank you!
to Brenda Conzet, Minnesota;  Ginny Eakin, Pennsylvania and Kate Bower
for contributing some of the information & photos found on this page.
2. John married #2--Anna Eichenmuller, February 13, 1869. Their daughter, Elizabeth was born in
January 1871.
Anna had a son, Joseph born 1862, from her marriage to Fred Wolf.

3. John married #3--Catherine Rhaum April 30, 1889. Catherine's first husband was John Rhaum

John died on September 17, 1908.
After coming to the United States, the brothers
took up residence in
St. Mary's (
Elk County) Pennsylvania.
1860 Elk County, Pennsylvania Census          John Kugler
1860 Elk County, Pennsylvania Census       George Kugler
St. Mary's Elk County, Pennsylvania was also home to
Abraham and Maria Seitz Ritter.
They were the parents of 7 known children.
One son and one daughter were stillborn, another daughter
who was also named Maria Thekla only survived about a year (1830-1831).
There were four other children, all daughters; namely
Martha, Maria Regina, Cresentia and Maria Thekla (#2)
These four children died at birth or in infancy:
1. Maxmillian born and died in 1852
5. Cresentia born and died in 1869
7. Marta born between 1864 & 1866 and died 1866
10. Frank born and died 1869

The dates of death are too early to support the probablility
of finding death records.
Nine children were born to Joseph and Henriette:

born November 3, 1877
died June 3, 1903
He drowned in a creek in
Oliver County, North Dakota
He never married.
The surviving children of Georg & Thekla
2. Joseph Georg Kugler
born December 15, 1853<><>died April 28, 1932.
He met Henriette Kusserow, born November 16, 1854, (she also went by the name Anna)
she was the daughter of Christian Kusserow.

Joseph and Henriette were of different religious backgrounds,
she was Lutheran and Joseph Catholic, and it was against
his parents wishes that they marry.
But they did marry on January 23, 1877.

I have been trying to find proof that Henriette was the sister of
my great-grandmother, Johanna Kusserow Dresow.
The immigrated to the US at the same time on the same ship
"The Ohio"
If anyone can offer any information on Henriette it would be greatly appreciated.

Joseph and Henriette moved from Waconia
and settled in Nobles County, Minnesota.
Land Record
Juliana Rosa
born February 13, 1879
died October 23, 1904
She married Joseph Willits
She died in childbirth and is buried
in Riverview Cemetery.
I do not know if the child survived.
(I apologize for the poor quality of
this photocopy.)
John George
born March 23, 1880
died March 30, 1969
He married Laura Olson
November 24, 1907
They were the parents of 8 children:
Joseph, Anthony, Bernard, Bertha
Lillian, Mabel, Julie, Hazel.

(I apologize for the poor quality of
this photocopy.)
Rose Mary
born February 20, 1882
died December 25, 1969
She married James Roan
March 2, 1908
I believe they had one daughter.
Edward Frank
born December 21, 1883
died March 22, 1921
He married Lillian Smith
I do not know if they had any children.
born January 16, 1886
died August 18, 1983
He married Tillie Haken
They had 5 children:
Alice, Walter, Anna, Leona, Edward.
                                        Elizabeth Ann
                                 born January 18, 1888
                                  died April 29, 1910
                                  She never married.

                                                                                                       born November 21, 1889
                                                                                                       died September 10, 1902
3. John
born 1856
died January 11, 1894
He married Barbara Miller/Mueller
They had 3 children:
Mathew, Frances, Joseph
born November 1, 1882
died August 5, 1952
He joined the Franciscan Order and was ordained, Rev. Justinian Kugler, O.F.M.
on June 24, 1910 and said his first mass at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in
Waconia, Minnesota. When he passed away he was the parish priest of
the St. Victoria Catholic Church in Victoria, Minnesota.
born June 18, 1884
died March 28, 1978
She married Lawrence Henke.
They had 2 children:
Anna Mae and Ray
6. Mary Cresentia
born November 2, 1862
died May 29, 1930
She married John Aretz January 18, 1881

They had 12 children:
Thank you to Charleen Feekes for taking
this headstone photo. Please also visit
Henriette's memorial on
born April 20, 1892
died October 30, 1892
According to
There is no recorded
record of Arnold's Death.
Henriette died giving birth to Arnold.
I have written to Nobles County for Henriette
and Arnold's death record. Their deaths were
not officially recorded.
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