Franz Betlach

Born April 24, 1880
Stara Paka, Czech Republic

Last Known Address
Podebrady, Na Proutnici 938

Railway Official
Senior Railway Executive (Retired)

Marital Status:
Spouse's Name

Number of Children: 2

Arrested by Gestapo Kolin, CSR
at Podebrady on
March 6, 1943

Reason for Arrest
Illegal Organization against the Nazis
Category: "Schutzhaft, Politisch"
(which means protective Political custody)

Places of Detention
Kutna Hore for one and one-half months


On April 23, 1943 committed to
and held there for 4 months
Prisoner Number: 117998


On August 20, 1943 committed to
Prisoner Number: 16083

He was to receive the
"Usual Terrible Treatment"

His uniform was marked with a
Red Triangle
next to his prison number,
which signified a Political Arrest

He was held at Buchenwald
until the camp was liberated by the
U.S. Armed Forces
April 1945

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the document page.
I know nothing further about Franz after his liberation from Buchenwald.
I wish to thank the American Red Cross Tracking Service
for their help in obtaining Franz's records from
Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

If anyone has any information about Franz, his parents, spouse, or any children
and his life after the camp was liberated, I would appreciate your input and help.

Thank you!

The information above was obtained from Franz Betlach during an interview
on May 5, 1945, after the liberation.