Some of John and Bertha Borka's children
Joseph and Margaret
Eugene and Rosella
Frank And Frances
Henry and Mary
Leonard and Elizabeth
Links and Credits
Some photos are from the book
"Dols Family History 1689-1989"
by Betty Dols;
Others are from my
photo collection
Leonard and Elizabeth Dressen Borka
October 28, 1919
Joseph and Margaret Ranft Borka
Arnold and Elizabeth Borka Zeman
July 12, 1912
Agnes married Oscar Ess
November 4, 1919
Henry and Mary Kroyer Borka
June 6, 1922
Frank and Frances Schug Borka
June 16, 1922
Eugene and  Rosella Hilgers Borka
Theresa Borka
Theresa never married
but had a son named Clyde.
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