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Frank Bezdicek
Frank Bezdicek
Death Certificate
Frances Bezdicek
Death Certificate
Thank you to Angela Schultz for
providing me with Fred and Olive's
funeral cards.
It is very much appreciated!
Frances Bezdicek
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Frank Bezdicek married Frances Bezdicek,
although they had the same last name, they were not related.
They were the parents of 9 children:
John, Frank jr, Frances, Joseph, Anton, Mary Anna, Vincent, Fred & Louis
1. John
married Antonette Zelezny
I have no further information on John or his family
2. Frank, jr. 1869--1891
He married Frances Hranicka (1872--1903) on May 21, 1891
Records state they had two children: Mary and Frank
I have a conflict with the dates for Frank and his son Frank.
Frank was injured in an accident while operating a steam engine tractor/threshing machine on
September 27, 1891.  His arm caught in the gears and when he arrived at the hospital the doctor
found it necessary the arm be amputated. Days after the surgery October 10, 1891, he either
coughed or sneezed during the night which apparently ruptured an artery and he bled to death.

Frank and Frances apparently were expecting their first child at the time of his death, as their
daughter Mary was born February 2, 1892 which was four months after Frank's death. The conflict
comes with their son Frank. According to his death certificate, the child  was born May 23, 1893;
his father is listed as Frank Bezdicek and mother is listed as Frances Hranicka. If anyone knows
the answer to this conflict, would you please
e-mail me and let me know what the correct
information is.

Frances married for the second time on January 29, 1894 to Albert Jahoda.

I found the children,
Mary (she married Joseph Baloun) and Frank on census records:
on the 1900 census they are listed with the last  name Bezdicek as step-daughter and step-son
and were aged 9 and 8 respectively. On the 1910 census they are listed under
the last name of Jahoda as son and daughter, with their parents, Albert and Frances Jahoda.

Albert and Frances had 8 children of their own:
Albina, Milo, Bohumil, Robert, Helen, Mathilda, Olga & Ernest
As I gather more information on the Jahoda family, I will post it here.

Frances died April 5, 1944
Albert died March 14, 1945
Frank Bezdicek, Jr
Frances died May 5, 1903 at the age of 58
Frank married Mary Basak Matuska on October 19, 1903
Frank and Mary Matuska Bezdicek

Mary Basak Matuska
3. Frances 1870--1929
She married Martin Macek 1869--1930
in September 1893

They had 11 children:
Annie, Joseph, Julia, Martin, Frank, George Frances,
Agnes, Louis, Mary & Lillian

Frances died March 24, 1929
Death Certificate

Martin died November 18, 1930
Death Certificate
4. Joseph 1873--1905
He married Rozia Dzimiela 1884--1944
on February 1, 1903

They had 2 children:
Joseph (he died at 20 days old)
He married Kathryn Hepp

Joseph died March 7, 1905
Death Certificate

Rozia died  July 15, 1944

Joseph died two years after he married Rozia,
I assume that she remarried but I do not have
any further information on her.
Martin & Frances
Frank & Frances
Joseph & Rozia
5. Anton 1875--1957
He married Theresa Budik (1877--1961)
on June 5, 1900

They had 8 children:

Death Certificate   Obituary


Death Certificate


Killed in Italy, WWII
July 10, 1944

Anton died September 4, 1957
Death Certificate

Theresa died November 16, 1961
Death Certificate
Anton & Theresa
6. Mary Ann 1885-1937
She married Steve Pavelko (1876--1953)
on October 4, 1900

They had 7 children:
Mary Frances (Never Married)
Death Certificate

Married Frances Whisney
Death Certificate

Married Margaret Soat
Death Certificate

Agnes (Never Married)
Death Certificate


Married Dorothy Dorschner
Death Certificate

Clare (Clara?)

Steven died February 23, 1953
Death Certificate

Mary Ann died April 3, 1937
Death Certificate
Steven & Mary Ann
7. Vincent 1884-1956
He married Anna Rose Dvorak (1890--1971)
on September 7, 1907

They had 6 children:

Clara (Never married)
Death Certificate

Vincent died June 10, 1956
Death Certificate

Anna Rose died March 13, 1971
Death Certificate
8. Fred 1884--1965
He married Olive Anna Betlach (1892--1988)
on August 31, 1911

They had 6 children:

Emil died July 26 1994
Married Hilda Jarmer
Death Certificate
Hilda Obituary

Married Elizabeth Pavelko
Emanuel died May 21, 1975
Funeral Card
Death Certificate


Married Muriel Engelhorn
Died January 14, 1968
Death Certificate



Fred died March 7, 1965
Death Certificate

Olive died September 24, 1988
Death Certificate
Fred Bezdicek
Funeral Card
Olive Betlach Bezcicek
Funeral Card
(Emil & Emmanuel were twins)

9. Louis 1886--1951
He married Elizabeth (Bessie) Hruby (1888--1928)
Elizabeth died in 1928 and Louis
remarried. Her name was Signe. I have no
further information on her at this time.
Louis and Bessie adopted two children:
Edward Miller and Mary Sullivan. I have no further
information on these two children.

Louis World War I Draft Paper
Death Certificate
Headstone Photo

Bessie died December 4, 1928
Death Certificate
Headstone Photo
Douglas Bezdicek
Douglas Bezdicek
Death Certificate
Baby Girl Bezdicek
Death Certificate
Anna Dvorak Bezdicek
Death Certificate
Elizabeth Bezdicek Bigalke
Death Certificate
Ralph Bigalke
Death Certificate
Ann Bezdicek Kolodjski
Death Certificate
Mary Bezdicek Hecht
Death Certificate
Theresa Bezdicek Whisney
Death Certificate
Laurence Whisney
Death Certificate
Clara Bezdicek
Death Certificate
Addie Scherer Bezdicek
Death Certificate
Clarence Hartneck
Death Certificate
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