Joseph and Anna Wagner Betlach's children,
1. Frank 2. Joseph and 3. Emil
settled in St. Louis Missouri.
1. Frank Charles
(September 27, 1876--February 23, 1961)
He married Anna Kotalik, May 8, 1900
(June 5, 1876--February 26, 1965)
Frank and his son, Frank are on the same
Anna and her daughter Emily are on the same

They were the parents of eight children:
Died at birth or soon after

(November 17, 1901--February 15, 1987)
She married George Buechlein
They had 2 children:
William and Dolores
Dolores (July 4, 1924--January 8, 1983)

Amelia (Emily)
(March 31, 1903--November 15, 1997)
She married Charles Konrad
They had 3 children:
Charmaine, Charles and Allen
Charmaine (January 27, 1930--November 5, 1930)
Death Certificate
A supplementary death certificate was issued
for Charmaine, correcting the spelling of the last name from
Konrad to Conrad.
Amelia (Emily) Obituary

(October 15, 1904--August 27, 1960)
He married Irene Costello
I do not know if they had any children

(December 12, 1905--July 29, 2000)
Never married.
Was an Optician and worked at
The Barnes Hospital Eye Clinic

(February 25, 1907--December 4, 1988)
Headstone      Headstone
He married Alvina Heimos
(September 15, 1909--May 11, 1997)
They had 4 children

(February 29, 1908--September 28, 1908)

(October 25, 1909--September 14, 1987)
He married Geraldine Haven
(December 28, 1914--January 28, 1996)
They had 3 children

As I gather more information on Frank and
his family I will add it here.
2. Joseph
(April 26, 1878--May 26, 1948)
He married Emma Sipla
(October 15, 1884--November 15, 1953)
She was the daughter of
Joseph and Mary Velat Sipla
On Joseph's World War I Draft Registration Card
dated September 12, 1918,
Joseph is described as being of medium height,
slender build, with brown eyes and brown hair.
He was employed by the
Losse Tailoring Company
807 North 6th Street
St. Louis, Missouri.

Joseph died May 26, 1948 at the age of 70.
He was cremated.
Death Certificate

Emma died November 15, 1953 at the age of 69
Death Certificate

Joseph and Emma had two children:

Joseph was born July 18, 1906 and died February 1, 1914 at the age of 7
Death Certificate
Burial Permit  St. Louis Post Newspaper
He is buried in New Picker Cemetery

William was born May 17, 1909 and died September 2, 1933 at the age of 24
To my knowledge he never married.

Death Certificate
3. Emil
(March 8, 1881--March 26, 1952)
He married Helen Vanek
(I have no further information on Helen)

On Emil's World War I Draft Registration Card
dated September 12, 1918
Emil is described as being of medium height,
stout build, with gray eyes and black hair.
He was self-employed in the Coal and Ice Business.

His address was 3637 Rosewell Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri.

Emil died March 26, 1952 at the age of 71,
and is buried in Park Lawn Cemetery.

Death Certificate

Emil and Helen had six children:
Edward, Emily, Helen, Martha, Wilhelmina, & Ann.
(I have no further information on these children)